Newlands restaurants the likes of Myoga Restaurant is one of those restaurants you must at least try once in a lifetime but be warned you'll be hooked,- with beautiful mountains and gardens comparative to Kirstenbosch .


As an independently owned 100-seater restaurant, Myoga is surrounded by the beauty of the gardens the family owned Vineyard Hotel. This creates a very special setting for Myoga considering the family-owned hotel’s wonderful history having been Lady Anne Barnard’s country house in the late 1700s.


Diners have the choice of a variety of options with the main restaurant area, two terraces, private dining in the wine cellar beneath the restaurant and the newly erected Buddha tent.


Only Five minutes from the Claremont CBD and a leisurely 15-minute drive from the city centre.


Controlled access to the hotel grounds means that there is constant security and secure parking.

Mike Bassett

Newlands Restaurants - Myoga Restaurant