Tasneem Ceres is the acclaimed pastry chef at Myoga restaurant, affectionately known as Tazz.  


Tazz not only practices her passion in the kitchen at Myoga but also offers handcrafted speciality cakes to both Myoga guests and patrons seeking that special touch to enhance their event.

Tazz has been in the industry for 11 years and has fine-tuned her skills as a pastry chef as well as an artist. Tazz has both passion and commitment when it comes to being creative and as an outlet for her energetic passion baked sugar was born allowing her to extend her talents into her passion for cake design.


Her cakes lend that special something to any occasion and will visually bring pleasure to your guests.

“I love what I do and put the most of myself into each cake I prepare”

Tasneem Ceres pastry chef Myoga restaurant and owner of baked sugar.